Justin Brett
08:17 13 Mar 20
I really rate Mark. I've had two hip replacements, one after the other, the first of which was pretty challenging immediately afterward. Mark has been understanding, knowledgable, calm, and attentive, and understands the psychological, not just physical, effects of rehab and recovery. And he's also a genuinely nice guy. Highly recommended.
Margaret Fergus
04:29 08 Mar 20
My experience was great because I was given support to improve my knee replacement recovery. The sessions added new exercises weekly to enhance my mobility and gave me confidence. My physiotherapist Mark is an excellent communicator. I would highly recommend Post Op Home Physio. I have also shared my experience with my consultant that carried out my surgery.Margaret South Norwood
Shakespeare Road
22:27 02 Mar 20
Catherine, my physio was absolutely fantastic. She got me moving and thinking about what my muscles were doing so quickly. She was so patient and it was all very much fun too. Can't recommend her expertise highly enough. This is a wonderful service.
yvonne darlingtonx
23:01 17 Jan 20
I would highly recommend Adam Wckenden .He was very professional and encouraging and not only helped me recover from a broken ankle physically but also helped with my mental state of mind too.
Jane Hutchins
12:55 05 Nov 19
I reccently employed the Services of Mark at Post Op Home Physio for my Uncle.Mark did some amazing work with my Uncle who has not walked for many years.Mark kept me updated with his progress and was honest with me all the way through.Amazing value for Money.Thanks MarkJane and Rob
Zorica Becker-Drakulic
14:20 31 Oct 19
My experience with Mark was very, very good. He is punctual, pleasant (although the therapy was quite painful), made me feel confident and motivated and the result is brilliant. I wish Mark all the best in his profession and in his private life.Zorica Becker-Drakulic
Dede Millar
15:18 26 Sep 19
I was delighted to discover Post Op Home Physio prior to my hip replacement. I made a booking with Mark for a week after the operation and it has been a more than positive result. To have home visits seem to me to have the best outcome. Not only do you feel fragile and vulnerable after surgery and the thought of having to make your way to a Physio Studio is daunting but it is also important to start physio as soon as possible. Also the physio can assess the layout of your home - advantages and disadvantages - and provide appropriate exercises. Mark had me walking up and down the street on that first appointment! I have no hesitation in recommending Post Op Home Physic - yes it is an extra expense but Health is Wealth.
Carrie Melville
18:51 16 Sep 19
Mark is a great physio who helped me get back on my feet after my surgery. The fact that the physio is at home was very useful straight after my surgery as I wasn’t able to travel easily.
Elena Martín
17:52 07 Sep 19
Mark provided a great service to me after a recent knee injure. He is professional and super helpful. The exercises he recommended has helped me a lot on my recovery. I highly recommend Home Physio to everyone!
David Collins
18:41 03 Sep 19
I've recently had a hip replacement then I damaged my knee on the same leg as my new hip and was in Very great pain and quite desperate for some help. I found it extremely difficult to walk without pain.Mark from post-op home physio got straight to the problem and expertly helped me to stand and begin to move a bit. The exercise regime was well explained and was progressively developed week on week.I am now able to walk comfortably with crutches and and relying much less on painkillers. My pain levels are much less and my confidence has improved greatly. I understand what the exercise program is achieving and know I've got to get on with it. I have been encouraged throughout and hope to be walking with a stick very soon.
Nicholas Brealey
09:33 29 Aug 19
I would unhesitatingly recommend Danny Greeves as a physio, particularly for post-op knee replacement help.
Jill Bligdon
21:41 23 Aug 19
Following the discharge of my elderly cousin from hospital after fracturing her ankle and having surgery, I contacted Post Op Home Physio to continue with physiotherapy in order to give her confidence to walk again . Mark Wilkinson promptly replied to my enquiry and within 4 days had arranged to assess my cousin and to have 5 weekly session which was extended to a further 5 weeks. Mark was thorough, very professional, had a great understanding of the needs of his client, was encouraging and my cousin very much enjoyed his visits as he gave her the confidence and belief she would be able to walk with her frame once again. She is now achieving this thanks to the brilliant service of Mark and his team. THANK YOU!!
Sally Mellish
11:13 13 Aug 19
Extremely helpful exercises. Made a vast difference to my recovery after hip replacement.Very professional and respectful!
Maria Coates
21:46 12 Jun 19
Following my discharge from hospital where I had a total hip replacement, I was very lucky to find online details of Post Op Home Physio. Mark Wilkinson made time for a visit almost immediately and I decided to go for a 6 week package. Mark was absolutely instrumental to my fast and successful rehab. Not only he helped me physically to get back in shape but he also gave me a lot of reassurance and sound information, always very professionally but also always with a smile and great sense of humour. I recommend Mark's services very highly and want to thank him for helping me so much in my rehabilitation.
Janet Collett
20:23 30 May 19
Had 5 sessions of physio after my knee replacement. This really helped with my mobility, could not have done it without Mark's help. Brilliant service.
Julia Watson
11:36 24 May 19
Mark Williamson provided a great service to me after a recent hip replacement operation. He was professional, friendly and helpful, and I would certainly recommend him to others. Having physio at home was so much easier than travelling to a clinic.
Mark Hayfield
18:56 15 Sep 18
Amazing! Couldn’t of asked for more. Wanted physio at home as I couldn’t reach a clinic easily. Would highly recommend
Scott Mann
18:53 15 Sep 18
Excellent service. Would highly recommended for anyone wanting physio at home.
maggie maxfield
06:43 15 Sep 18
This is such a fantastic service ! My mum recently had a total knee replacement & prior to this had become very immobile & lacked confidence. Having physiotherapy at home has made a huge difference. Thanks to Mark, Mum is now able to walk without her stick indoors. Mark is building up her confidence , core strength & mobility. Mum is now planning a holiday for next year - something she could never have managed before. Thank you x
Charlie Hartley
20:59 14 Sep 18
A great service. I had 3 sessions with Julia after my knee surgery. She was very friendly and professional.
18:35 14 Sep 18
Post Op Home Physio were great - haven't had a physio service at home before. It was so good to have the flexibility for them to come to me. The team (especially Mark) were so knowledgable and really helped me achieve my goals. I'm back to running now!
vrushaali shinde
11:50 25 Jun 18
Fantastic service. Perfect for people who can't read their physio clinic
Kelly Ratcliff
11:41 25 Jun 18
Great service, would highly recommend
james clarkson
15:12 22 Jun 18
Great service!!!! I had a knee arthroscopy and wanted to get back to exercising as soon as possible. Having the support and guidance post surgery I was able to recover quicker and get regular guidance on what to do when. Cannot recommend this highly enough, would use again.

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