Knee Replacement Recovery

Whether you are building strength of the muscles around your hip and knee prior to your operation, or if you are looking for physiotherapy at home following your Total Knee Replacement, our specialised mobile physios in London can guide you through your rehabilitation programme and allow you to get back to doing the things you want to do.

Domiciliary physio is essential following an operation to promote recovery and to make sure you progress to your maximum potential following your surgery. We appreciate that having a joint replacement is a significant surgery, and an intensive period of home visit physio over just a short few months can make the difference between you struggling with pain and range of movement and enjoying your new joint replacement for many years to come. Investing in yourself in this early stage will be the best decision you can make.

We have a close relationship with many private and NHS consultants across London, and our experienced mobile physios will work with you to help you recover faster and maximise your mental and physical condition so you can get on with life.

Many people are unaware of the psychological strains a Total Knee Replacement can have on your mental health. At times there can be pain, swelling, stiffness and a restriction in what activities you can do, as well as disturbances with sleep, this is where our domiciliary physio’s specialist knowledge and experience are invaluable to your recovery to get you back into a positive and enthusiastic state of mind. Having a London based home visit physio who works with Total Knee Replacement rehabilitation all day every day gives you the peace of mind that you are being looked after by a specialist, and not someone who may only work with these types of operations occasionally.

Total Knee replacement Home Visit Physio and Rehabilitation programs in the city of London.
We offer specialist treatment to your door, when you choose, and how often you want.

We Offer Next Day Appointments

The initial days following an operation are crucial; fast, effective home visit physio can help you avoid any unwanted complications and set you up on the right track from the beginning. We provide next day appointments where our physio comes to you to get your recovery off to the best possible start.

What does it involve?
Regular exercise, stretches, walking pattern training and balance work are essential following total knee replacement surgery. Our dedicated team of London domiciliary physios will guide you through an individualised treatment programme designed bespoke for your needs. Treatment is likely to also include soft tissue techniques such as massage, resistant bands, various walking aids and scar tissue work. Many physiotherapists will either advise you to moisturise your scar and not much else. At Post Op Home Physio we are specially trained by orthopaedic surgeons on how to treat scar tissue to maximise function and improve aesthetics.
Early exercises after your total knee replacement
The early period following your operation is such an important time. This is where exercises need to be specifically designed, monitored and adjusted to ensure inflammation, oedema and circulation is optimised for recovery. Our specialised London home visit physios can check for important risks such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT), Pulmonary Embolisms (PE) and wound infection.

Early exercise helps to build range of motion, reduce stiffness, decrease pain levels and improve mobility after your operation. Our team provide information, reassurance and guidance on how to maximise healing and diminish post-operative pain.

Your domiciliary physiotherapist will work with you to help achieve your goals and will progress your exercises and rehabilitation to make the recovery period as quick and safe as possible. Following the intensive treatment in the early stages your home visit physio will help you set up a programme where you then begin to wean off physiotherapy as your independence and confidence grows. This can also be extended to common activities of daily living such as getting into and out of the car, walking on uneven surfaces and up steps. Our mobile physiotherapists will tailor treatment to meet the requirements of your life.

We are covered by most health insurances and can organise your London home visit physiotherapy session starting the next day, and we cover all London boroughs.

What is a total knee replacement
Osteoarthritis is when the smooth lubricating surfaces of the knee become worn away. As this happens over time the joint can become stiff, swollen and painful. When the lubricating surfaces, otherwise known as articular cartilage, become worn away to such a degree, the femur (thigh bone) can begin to grind on the tibia (shin bone). This can create significant pain and severely limit range of motion and strength of the surrounding muscles. The longer osteoarthritis continues without intervention, bony abnormalities can affect the structure of the joint and change its appearance.

Sometimes only one specific part of the cartilage becomes worn, and in those cases and Uni-compartmental Knee Replacement (UKR) may be sufficient. If more of the joint surfaces are affected then a Total Knee Replacement may be required.

A TKR replaces the surfaces of the knee with plastic and metal. Areas of the thigh bone with the worn away cartilage are removed and replaced with a smooth metal component. The lower part of the leg (tibia) also has any poor quality joint tissues removed. The tibial component consists of a metal base sitting on the bone and a plastic insert, which sits between the two bones and serves as the hinge joint. If necessary the knee cap (patella) is replaced with a plastic button, although often this is not necessary.

The replacement components are kept very securely in place with bone cement and are very strong indeed, meaning you can be confident that you will not cause any damage to the joint when following your domiciliary physio’s exercises.

Some TKR used the previously tried and tested standardised models, whereas more lately custom made TKR’s are becoming more common. Whichever prosthesis you have, home visit physio is essential to getting you back to health.

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