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Total Knee Replacements – What are the outcomes like?

We recently attended a Knee convention in London organised by some of the country’s top private orthopaedic knee surgeons. Amongst one of the things covered, was the latest research indicating patient satisfaction levels post-surgery. The surgeons highlighted the...

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The 10 year Myth of Total Knee Replacements

If you or somebody you know is coming up to having a Total Knee Replacement (TKR), you will have more than likely heard about the 10 year TKR Myth. It isn’t actually known where the 10 year myth originated from, or no-one is willing to own up to it anymore! The 10...

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Acetabular labrum surgery of the hip

What is the hip acetabular labrum? The acetabular labrum is a cartilaginous ring encircling the opening of the acetabulum, the socket-like cavity in the pelvis into which the head of the femur bone inserts to form the hip joint. Also known as the glenoid labrum of the...

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