Why Would a Dynamic Hip Screw (DHS) Be Chosen Over a Total Hip Replacement After a Hip Fracture?

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Why would a dynamic hip screw be chosen over a hip replacement after fracture?

What is a fractured neck of femur?

The femur (thigh bone) is one of the largest and strongest bones in the body. A fractured neck of femur is when the top part of the bone is broken. This type of fracture will normally require surgery. The type of surgery will depend on where the fracture is.

What is a dynamic hip screw?

The internal metal work consists of a large screw placed in the head of the femur and a plate held onto the side of the femur by several smaller screws. This metal work will remain in permanently even once the fracture has healed.

When will this type of surgery be performed?

A dynamic hip screw is performed where the neck of femur has been fractured and where there is a good chance that it will heal if held in place by internal fixation.

What are the benefits?

  • No bone needs to be replaced or removed; therefore patients can be fully weight bearing on the operated limb day 1 post op.
  • No post operative precautions that come with a total hip replacement are needed.
  • Faster surgery than a total hip replacement means less time under anaesthetic.
  • The fixation can last a lifetime- unlike a total hip replacement.

Recovery after a dynamic hip screw

  • Mange your pain with medication if required
  • Appropriate wound care
  • Early mobilisation with your physio
  • Daily exercise programme
  • Graded return to activity
  • Return to driving once pain is well controlled and an emergency stop can be performed

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